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Is it better to wear a slightly weaker glasses than your eyes prescription?

My doctor suggests me to wear a slightly weaker glasses as I feel dizzy when I look at closer objects with the original prescription.But I wonder if my eyes get tired and eventually get worse?
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  • Brandon cook


    It is better for one to wear the correct prescription, neither stronger nor lower. But I've learnt once from TV that an optician said, it is a effective way to wear glasses with lower prescription thus to make your a better vision. You'd better check this with your eye doctor.
  • Jonathan griffin


    Since you feel dizzy at closer objects with your original prescription, you should take your doctor's advice to wear a slightly weaker glasses which you can get used to quickly. Once my doctor suggested me wear weaker glasses that I can see more clearly than my original prescription. And I feel comfortable when I wear them all day now. So I think it is better to wear a slightly weaker glasses.