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Austin shelley


How to remove eyelash from eye ?

I rub my eyes when my eyes are itching. But there are some eyelashes in my eyes. It really hurts. Can you tell me how to remove them from my eyes?
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  • Anthony cecil


    Sometimes I will have eyelashes in my eyes. When I am suffering from this, I usually choose a very easy way to remove them. You can't rub your eyes at this moment, because it will cause red eyes and sting and can't remove them. You can try the following steps: first you need to wet a clean towel; and then wring them until it will not drop water while do not wring too much, or the fraction between the towel and your eyeballs will hurt your eyeballs. Then wipe your eyes gently. Usually I will do this from nose side to the temple side.
  • bell


    Dear friend, before touching your eyes, you must wash your hands with soaps. Then you can open your eyes by your fingers. If you can't see eyelashes in a mirror by yourself, you can ask your family members to do this for you. Then move your eyeballs up to down to find out the eyelashes. Then you can use a piece of clean tissue to wipe out the eyelashes gently. The tissue will not hurt your eyeball but it will be a little discomfort at the begining.

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