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Can i wear makeup with blepharitis?

Is it OK if i do makeup when i have blepharitis. Or it is really harmful to my eyes? Any idea?
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  • Angela green


    You'd better not. Blepharitis is a common eyelid inflammation that sometimes is associated with a bacterial eye infection. It is usually caused by dry eyes, allergy, and sore eyes. Facial masks are cosmetic which contain a lot of chemical substances. Some of these chemical things can cause chemical reflection with your skin. And you are also easily allergic to cosmetics when you get blepharitis. The same as make-up. First, you may get your cosmetics into eyes during your making up, and then redness and pain begin to occur. Second, poor quality cosmetics just help with further infection and make your blepharitis much worse. Blepharitis requires you keep clean in every minute. Make-up has nothing to do but worsen your condition. So health is much important than beauty. And the beast thing you do to improve your condition is to see a doctor and take notes from him/her.
  • Michelle


    I think it is better not to make up when you have blepharitis. Blepharitis refers to the inflammation of eyelids caused by acute bacterial infection. It usually occurs at the margin of eyelashes and be caused by bacterial infection. Patient with blepharitis have clogged glands, the meibomian glands which are responsible for oil producing. Makeup, especially wearing mascara or eyeliner, might make this glands cloging even worse. During this period, it is very important to keep your eyelids clean. So you 'd better not to wear makeup until you are healed. Blepharitis would develop swelling eyelids and a red big bump possibly at the eyelashes margin. It could be very ugly and embarrassing, especial for girls. It might last for months if you left it without treatment and care. So I suggest you to apply some heat compress on eyelids to help the bump breaking and pus drainage. Clean your eyelid margin with a cotton bud soaked with saline water. The home remedies introduced above could help accelerate the recovery process.