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What is the incubation period for pink eye?

My eyes are a little red and itching. Yesterday I was working outside. I can't find some water to wash my hand. But my eyelid was bitten by an insect. I just rub eyes with the dirty hand. Am I got the pink eye? Can you tell me the incubation period of pink eye?
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  • walkietalkie131


    I don't know whether you got the pink eye or not, because you said that your eyelid was bitten by an insect, maybe the red and itching were caused by this reason. But there are some possibilities that you may get the pink eye if we only judge from those symptoms, because you rub your eyes with the dirty hand, which will cause pink eye. So I suggest you to see your doctor immediately. No matter what caused your symptoms, they need to be treated by the doctor.
  • adams


    There are many types of pink eye. Some are contagious while some are not. The most common type of noninfectious conjunctivitis is allergic conjunctivitis which is caused by an allergic reaction. Irritant conjunctivitis is caused by the things that irritate the eyes. As to the infectious kind of pink eye, it is caused by some bacteria and viruses. If you think you got the pink eye, you should see the doctor immediately, because some of them can be highly contagious for as long as two weeks after signs and symptoms appear.