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Joseph campbell


Can blocked sinuses cause high eye pressure?

My eye doctor told me that i have blocked sinuses. Is this a serious problems? Is it possible to cause high eye pressure? How can i deal with it?
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  • Bernice


    Blocked sinuses, if left unattended, can be developed into a more serious condition as well as leading to some other complications in the other part of the human body, such as the eyes of human beings. If the sinuses becomes serious, it can cause the complications to the eye sockets, such as infected and congested eye sockets, conjunctivita, swelling, or even abscess inside the eye sockets, as well as blindness when the condition is out of control. Generally speaking, only when the infection inside the eye sockets becomes serious enough to cause grievous impediment to the venous return of the eyeballs, the blocked sinuses may lead to high eye pressure. To treat the blocked sinuses, you can apply antibiotics to your blocked sinuses. Besides, collunarium can as well be used to improve the drainage inside the nasal cavity, and after two weeks, the blocked sinuses can be totally controlled, then you can check whether the eye pressure is normal or not.
  • Brandon


    The blocked sinuses is a serious problem which will cause your eyes problem because of the interlinked nerves in the nose and eyes. It may be possible to cause your high eye pressure. You need to take great notice of it. You need to take the medical care to treat your blocked sinuses. It could help you treat the eyes better. You need to take the food with vitamin C to moisture your eyes.

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