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Can scleritis go away ?

I suffered from scleritis. Can scleritis go away? Or i need a treatment? Can you give me some idea?
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  • Joseph campbell


    It would not be too difficult to treat scleritis if you stick to the correspondent advice and treatment from the doctor. The treatments for scleritis vary a lot which depend on the type of scleritis. First of all, in most cases, corticosteroid pills and nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to reduce pain and inflammation caused by scleritis. Eye solutions or antibiotics may be prescribed as well by the doctor to treat your scleritis. Besides, in more severe cases, a certain surgery may be necessary to repair scleral tissues and prevent further loss of vision from happening. In addition, there are also some cases where scleritis is caused by another disorder within the body, and the treatment of that disease is also necessary to control scleritis symptoms. Last but not least, you should keep in mind that in spite of treatment, scleritis may recur. Therefore, it is important to see your eye doctor or other specialists regularly to properly treat scleritis.
  • enternalhate


    Yes, certain scleritises come and go and can cure itself without any treatment. This kind of scleritis is called simple episcleritis whose infection occurs to the outer layer of sclera. The symptoms of this kind of scleritis include sting, burning and discomfort in sclera. In rare cases, the patient also suffers from temporary myopia and miosis. Other scleritises have more symptoms like sensitivity to light, eye redness, pain, tearing and tenderness. If your symptoms are serious and don't go away themselves, you have to go to see a doctor.