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Why can i hear my eyes move?

I think it is a little creepy that I can hear my eyes move. What does that mean, does that mean I am suffering from some kind of eye disease? HELP.
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  • Elijah leslie


    I once have the same problem as you that I can hear such horrible voice in my eyes sometimes. I visited a doctor. He told me that it could be caused by severe anxiety. In fact, I was anxiety about my study. Then, I tried to relax myself. And I didn't trouble by the problem again. Maybe you can have a try. Or you'd better visit an doctor to see what exactly happen to your eyes.
  • Gregory A Meetze


    Well, this actully happen to some people. But according to what I know, it may be caused from withdrawl from certain anti-depressants. It is not a weird thing, just one of the common things. And in most cases, this will not happen for too long during your day. I think it may be because that you are too tired during that day. Please just relax.