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Melanie smith


What causes red circles under eyes in children?

I see there are red circles under the my kid's eyes. What causes it? Any ideas?
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  • walkingalone00


    When you find there are red circles under the eyes in your child, you should take great notice of it. Although many people say that the skin around the eyes is so sensitive, you should take the child to the hospital to have a check to see whether there is the problem in the eyes.
  • elblancodiablo


    You have no need to panic. Dark under eye circles, even with purple and red tones, are common in children.Red circle rarely caused by serious illness, dark under eye circles usually result from allergies, asthma, lack of sleep or heredity. Discovering the cause of dark red circles under the eyes of children requires research and help from your pediatrician. As a research conducted nearly 7 million children suffer from asthma. Dark under-eye circles are frequently associated with asthmatic conditions. I suggest you to seek a doctor's opinion if your child has dark red circles under his eyes and wheezes or has difficulty breathing during exercise. In asthmatic children, dark under-eye circles often appear before asthmatic attacks.
  • EDWIN Caster


    Well, sorry to hear that. So, I should tell you that sometimes red circles under the eyes are resulted from various reasons, one of them, which is common is ecezema. Because ecezema is quite serious to some extent, so you should take actions against it. But it is possible that it derived from some other causes. Anyway, you should consult a doctor about it and get some treatment.
  • Faith fergus


    he skin around the eyes is among the most sensitive on the body, and redness may show up there before it would in other places. Redness around the eyes can come from allergies, or from rubbing, or from another source of irritation (say, something like cigarette smoke). Moreover, an allergy could occur to something in her diet, such as egg, for instance.