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May Yong


What does corneal haze look like?

I just heard people talked about corneal haze. I never hear that. So, can you tell me what does corneal haze look like?
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  • Alisa O.


    The corneal haze means that your corneal gets the inflammation which causes the corneal not show the clear state. Your corneal surface will show the unclear state. Usually the healthy corneal will show the transparent color. But the corneal haze is not. You could use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to release the symptom.
  • Isabelle garcia


    Normally cornea is a piece of clear and transparent covering on eye balls. Corneal haze refers the the impaired vision caused by cloudy or opaque cornea. It is caused by cell inflammation or debris from trauma or infection or surgery. Corneal haze is rare but possible to happen after PRK or Lasik surgery. With corneal haze, patient might have blurred and defocused vision. Minor corneal haze won't cause big vision problem. If it is severe, you might feel your night vision is terribly poor. Because in dim circumstances, you will see big light halos around light sources, or glare. This is annoying to some extent and I think it is better not to drive in night with corneal haze. Ususally it is just temporary symptom after the PRK or Lasik surgery, which will go off within months. If one has serious problem, he/she should talk the ophthalmologist at the earliest.
  • Alexia gerard


    Hello, corneal haze is associated with inflammation and it is a condition that cornea becomes cloudy or opaque. It extremely looks like a frosted bathroom window.This haze can occur in any part of the cornea, but most often found within the thicker, middle layer of the cornea, called the stroma.

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