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How to get rid of corneal scarring?

I got scaring corneal. So, i am here to ask some good suggestion. Do you know any good way to treat it?
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  • Lainey


    Generally speaking, scarring of the cornea may occur because of injuries and infections of the eye. When it occurs, it may turn the cornea opaque obstructing the light rays from falling on the retina. Because of the different causes, the treatments may vary. For example, the treatment options can be medical or surgical. When your situation is not serious, you can just take some supplements to treat it. For example, you can take more vitamin a. Vitamin A can be given to almost all the people with Corneal Scars. It is particularly helpful when the cause of corneal scarring is the deficiency of vitamin A. also, as the situation is serious, you need to take corneal transplant to heal it.
  • cun_yin


    Cornea is the transparent and clear protective layer covering eyes, against from dust, bateria, and other damages to the inner soft and delicate tissue of eyes. It plays key role in vision. It could help filter the UV rays and the light needs to travel through it firstly and then into lens. It provides most of the refractive power for vision and the correct curvature of cornea determines correct vision. Usually, the corneal abrasion could heal quickly. Cornea might get scar because of injury, infection or surgery. The corneal scarring might lead to serious results , varying from blurry vision to vision loss. If you confirmed you got scarring, then you need to visit your ophthalmologist and ask for the professional help. Because once the scar formed on the cornea, it is permanent and it can't disappear. You vision would be very bad and cloudy. If it is needed, you might need a surgery to replace your cornea to restore your vision. Given now the success rate of corneal transplant is quite high, it is safe if your doctor requires such surgery. To see whether you need such surgery, it is depending on how much your vision is impaired. Good luck!
  • Brook Park


    Talking about the corneal scarring, it refers to an injury of the cornea of the eye. Once you get the corneal scarring, you will have high possibility of getting opacity and visual impairment. The most bad effect from the corneal scarring is blindness in the eye. Your eyes may get blurry at the vision. Many things can cause the scarring of the cornea. And different people need different treatment. If your scarring causes the significant visual problems, you may need the corneal transplant. It can help you restore the vision. The corneal part is the transparent one which could let the light come into. Once you get the scratch, you'd better use some eye drops to let them heal quickly. It is the abrasion and the burns that cause the corneal scarring. You could use the medical care by using the eye drops to release the symptom. You should eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes.

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