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How to get rid of visual snow?

I am troubled by vision snow. What shall i do? Do you have any good idea to help me get rid of vision snow?
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  • Caitlin owen


    In order to get rid of vision snow, you need to have the good habits of using your eyes. You should not sit in front of the computers for a long time which will harm your visual nerves badly. You should have the good rest for the eyes. You should keep the healthy diet to make your eyes get moisture. You need to eat more vegetables and fruits to make your eyes keep healthy.
  • clarinetbandguy


    I am sorry but there is not systematic or well-established treatment for visual snow yet. Visual snow can only be treated with medication for the moment. When vision snow can't go away themselves, you can have your eyes examined and see a doctor. The doctor will prescribe some medicine to improve your situation. What else you can do is to have enough sleep and supplement nutrition for your eyes.
  • Andri


    Well, for visual snow, it will be like static in parts of or the whole of your visual field. According to some experts, visual snow can be any color but it usually consists of small, translucent dots whose flicker intensity varies from person to person. When you suffer from it, some other symptoms may be possible too. For example, floaters, light sensitivity, red eyes will occur. To treat it, of course, you can have some ice under your eyes, to treat the red eyes because of visual snow. And then, having some eye exam from eye doctor is essential too.