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Carlos quick


What is average pupillary distance for women?

I want to buy a pair of eyeglasses online. But i don't know my pupillary distance. So, i just want to know what is the average pupillary distance for women? Can i use it to buy my eyeglasses?
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  • walkidiot


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  • Faith cook


    Before you want to buy a pair of eyeglasses, you need to know the pupillary distance of you. If you have bought the eyeglasses from the store, you could have the data of your pupillary distance. Usually the adult female common pd is 56 mm to 62 mm. However different people owns different situation. You should go to the store to have a eye check to get this information. Then you could buy the eyeglasses online.
  • garcia


    Generally speaking, the average pupillary distance of adult females is from 58mm to 62mm. There are three kinds of pupillary distance and all of them have to be measured, including the distance PD, near PD. Whether you are nearsighted or farsighted, you should have your pupillary distance measured when you are buying eyeglasses for vision correction. If your pupillary distance is wrongly measured, then you will feel your eyes very uncomfortable and your eyesight even worse in spite of good eye glasses with accurate prescription. When you are buying eyeglasses, the doctor will measure your pupillary distance for you, and you do not have to do it yourself. But if you would like to measure it by yourself first, you can refer to the following website to have a test. But you had better go to the standard shop or hospital to make sure to get a accurate pupillary distance. Besides, the another website in the below is also for you if you want to have a look at the eyeglasses of different kinds.