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Paige evelyn


Why does my child's eyes keep blinking ?

I noticed that my child is troubled by blinking eyes. And he told me that he can't control it. Why? Is there anything that i can do for him?
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  • creatingme


    Your child may have the problem at the eyes. He may not feel comfortable at the eyes. That is why he can not control blinking eyes. His eyes may get infection. You should let him use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to get rid of the bacterium in the eyes. At the same time, you could also let your child do the warm compress which will make the eyes feel comfortable.
  • Isabelle garcia


    Well, there are several reasons that can cause this problem. First is allergies. When allergy happens, it usually accompanies with sneezing, mild cough and itchy eyes. Usually allergy happens in spring. Sometimes your child will rub his eyes or nose. Second is vision problems. This reason is rare. You can put a book far away and let your child to read. Third reason is sinus infections. It has such symptoms like congestion, headache and cough. Facial tics is the most common reason. It happens quite often between kids. Being an adult, we always try to find a reason, but to kids this is just their habits. So if you find your child is facial tics, you can just ignore it. And after a period of time, he will not keep blinking eyes.
  • Christina


    You have to know what exactly his problem is, in order to help him out of the problem. There are several possible causes of excessive eye blinking. Check which situation your son is in, according to his symptoms. First of all, excessive blinking is a sign of anxiety. When a person is under stress, he or she may blink without self-consciousness. Talk with your son and try to figure out if something is bothering him. If so, try to communicate with him and reduce his anxiety. Secondly, uncontrollable blinking is also a sign of eye allergy. If he is allergic to something, you need to keep him away from the allergen. Allergic rhinitis also cause allergies in eyes sometimes. Have him take some anti-allergic medicine. Thirdly, the eyes may blink to soothe or relieve the irritation which is caused by infection.See if he has other symptoms of conjunctivitis like redness, itchiness, eye discharge or pain. If so, he may be suffering from conjunctivitis. In this case, you can give hot compresses or antibiotic eyedrops to his eyes to relieve the problem. Lastly, take him to have his optical nerves examined if he doesn't have the problems above. It may be related to his optical nerves. In this case, he may also feel muscle pain or strain.
  • clark


    Regarding to your question, dry eyes are also one of the most common causes of excessive blinking of the eyes in children. Basically, children feel not comfortable because of eyes drying up so they need to blink excessively to prevent drying of the eyes. Allergies could also lead to excessive blinking this is because of the irritation felt from the eyes which causes excessive blinking in children. Moreover, hair dandruff and bacterial infections could cause inflammation on the eyelids which eventually lead to too much number of eye blinks. In addition, it could also cause children to scratch their irritated eyes which could lead to inflammation or infection.Habit of blinking is also another cause of excessive blinking in children. There are many causes of developing this habit like tiredness and stress. However, this habit could be stopped once the children have something to do to focus on.