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Can pink eye cause blocked tear duct?

Is it possible to cause blocked tear duct because of pink eyes? How can pink eyes work on the eyes?
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  • Lynn Sherrill


    Yes, it is possible for you to get blocked tear duct because of pink eyes. Once you get the pink eyes, you may have the eyes infection. It is the invisible bacterium that causes the blocked tear duct. You could use some eyes drops to release the symptom. You could also use the warm compress to make yourself feel better at the eyes.
  • Gabriella


    Well, yes, pink eyes can lead to blocked tear ducts. And generally speaking, a blockage can occur at any point in the tear drainage system. So according to some experts, there are many reasons which can cause it. For example, chronic infections and inflammation of your eyes tear drainage system or nose can cause your tear ducts to become blocked. So when you have pink eyes, it is also possible to have blocked tear duct, which is a result of an improperly formed tear duct that obstructs the tear drainage system. For the pink eyes, you should know that it is a kind of eye disease which can just lead to redness, itchy in your eyes. And that can be annoying.

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