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How to wear glasses with a dress?

Do you think it is strange to wear a dress with a pair of glasses? Or do you have any good idea to wear glasses while i am in a dress?
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  • christian


    No, it is not strange to wear a dress with a pair of glasses. You could just take notice of the colors between them. If the color is matched, the whole look will seem perfect. If your eyeglass is the black one, it will be perfect and matched with many other colors of dress. You could also add some accessories to improve the whole look.
  • Caroline


    As the fashion industry keeps developing and never seems to suspend with the time going by, it is actually not strange to wear a pair of glasses when you are wearing a dress, as long as you choose the right pair glasses with the right color the right shape and the right type in right occasion. Not only do you want to reflect your disposition of gracefulness, sweetness, liveliness in the glasses you choose to match your glasses, but you want to make sure that it looks good as well as with complexion, hair coloring, eye color, and most importantly, your face shape. Pay attention that you want to make sure the whole look is pulled together nicely, so that way people notice you first, your glasses second, which is because that the glasses are only a kind of accessories. In order to understand what glasses look best on you, you need to clearly know what kind of dress you are going to wear, what face shape you are, what color of your hair is, etc.. The best way to do this is by looking in a mirror wearing the dress, considering the color, shape, style of the glasses that you are going to wear. For further information about the glasses suitable for different styles of dresses, you may refer to the following website to have a more detailed look.
  • Theresa M


    Well, of course, it will be fine to wear a pair of glasses while you have dress. Nowadays, there are many people who are near-sighted and also, they work outside. So they have to have a dress with glasses. And generally speaking, to have attractive image when you wear glasses with dress, you should pay more attention to the color of the dress, and the color with glasses frame, so that they can match with each other.
  • Victor Lee


    You won't feel stange to wear a dress with eyeglasses as long as they are matched. You will be more charming if they are perfectly matched. Besides, if you find it difficult to match your glasses to your dress, you can wear contacts.