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Luis lewis


How to wear glasses to school for the first time ?

This is my first time of wearing glasses to school since i was checked with myopia. Will it be weird if i wear it to school. How can i wear it to make it less noticeable?
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  • scott burnham


    The best way to go about wearing glasses to school for the first time is if you know in advance you will be getting glasses tell your friends your getting glasses and once you get them show them your new look before school so they don't bring undo attention to you on day one. The first day wearing them to school will be the hardest day of wearing glasses in your life; the best thing to do is show up at school wearing them and owning your new look and act confident this will ease the comments and get a lot of them over before class. People are going to notice and comment on them and want to try them on, but nobody really razzes you other than they might say something like Tom's or Sally's wearing glasses or I didn't know you wear glasses or when did you get glasses. You do not want to pull them out and put them on in class, this will only bring attention to you and make you more self conscious. By the second day nobody will care that you are wearing glasses and within a couple weeks you and everyone in school will act as though you have been wearing glasses for ever.
  • Arianna walker


    Well, scientists are really interested in a subject that the relationship between IQ and myopia in children so that they conduct various questionnaires with different colors, ages and occupations and analyse the received figures. According to results of their research on various individuals, those who are near-sighted get higher test scores on average. As I understand it, there can be some links between scores on IQ tests and nearsightedness. It can also simply identifies that there are millions of people wear glasses everyday, so am I. Above all, don't shame to be a wise man. As for to make the glasses less noticeable, well, you can not be too concerned on them and then you will forget them, and finally ignore them. Everybody falls to be able to discover alertly a lot of people wear them and can not live without them. They are normal, aren't they?
  • Brooke


    Of course you will not look weird when you wear glasses to go to school. After you wear the glasses, you could see clearly at the outside world. You should not care about what other people think. You should wear the glasses to adjust the vision. That is the important point. Thus, be confident and just wear the glasses to go to school.
  • Cassidy


    Well, generally speaking, it will be fine to have eyeglasses when you suffer myopia. And you do not need to worry about it. Of course, if it is the first time for you to have glasses in school, your friends may be curious about it. But if you choose the right type of eyeglasses, it will be ok. And what you should notice is that when you wear eyeglasses in the first time, it will just make you to be accustomed to them. In some cases, headache and blurry vision will be possible.
  • Gilbert


    Just pretend like it%u2019s no big deal. Treat them like a fashion accessory. It's not really a big deal, I mean, you won't be wearing them for long, right? If people ask or stare, just smile and pretend that your glasses are your best feature or something.
  • Victor Lee


    Actually you should not worry about that since there are already lots of people wearing glasses around you. Wearing glasses is just as ordinary as eating a burg. You can also wear contacts if you really can't be accustomed to eyeglsses.
  • Joshua hanna


    I know what you mean, I had that same feeling when I wore my glasses to school for the first time, I actually took them off when I walked into the school gates, but because of my lazy eye and that my eyes cant focus what im seeing into one image, I started to bump into things and fall over alot.
  • anuonymuose


    there is no problem of wearing it
  • anuonymuose


    there is no problem of wearing it
  • martir


  • Jake


    How to wear glasses to school for the first time