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Why do i keep getting eyelashes in my eyes ?

I have foreign feelings in my eyes. And i checked my eyes with the help of mirror, and i find there is a eyelash in my eyes. I often suffered from it. Why? What makes my eyelashes get into my eyes?
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  • bell


    Ok, it looks like there is something wrong with your eye health. Because we simply don't have such problem with eyelashes. And the possible reason might be that your eyes are infected or you have got a bad health condition recently. The falling of eyelashes could be looked as a health risk sign, such as pink eyes, or a lack of sleep or some serious diseases, so you should try to figure out where you went wrong with your health and try to pay attention to your health.
  • Kelly


    Have eyelashes in eyes by accident is normal for every one of us, which is a natural drop of our hair. However, in view of your description, it can not be something normal. I want to know if it has just happened not long before or you are born with that. If it is the latter one, I have a true case around me. That was a classmate from me who had had the same problem like you, her eye lids had grown downwards too much to eyeballs so that her eyelashes always insert in her eyes, which she could not stand any more and chose to do a surgery to make her eye lids little upper. As I do not know your details and I advise you to ask your doctor for description or if you can try to do the surgery.
  • claudiagonza82


    I'm sorry, maybe you have got trichiasis, that is to say, the growth direction of your eyelashes is contrary to normal people's, and growing in the direction of the eyes. That's why your eyelashes get into eyes. In addition, trichiasis will become keratitis if you give little attention or respect to it. Please see a doctor as soon as possible.