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Is there home remedy for eye flashes?

I feel flashes in front of my eyes. Why? Is there any home remedy that can help me?
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  • walksal0ne


    Feel flashes in front of eyes can be caused by eye floaters. Eye floaters are some small specks appear in your vision. Eye floaters can be caused by many problems, and you can ignore it for it does not affect your vision. While, for I know that there is no home remedies of reduce eye floaters, just see a doctor if it interfere your vision.
  • Debra Havel


    Well, for your situation, I have to say it can be very common to have it. And according to some experts, it means there is something occurring in your eyes. For example, it can be a serious eye problem that needs immediate treatment. Generally speaking, flashes often accompany with a large number of floaters, small specks, which appear in your line of vision and appear to float or dart from side to side. And that can be annoying. And at this time, I may suggest you should have a good rest for your eyes at first. And then, you can have some cool cucumber under your eyes, so that it can relieve your symptoms. Also, eye drops can be used too. Anyway, just be careful about it.


    As a matter of fact, if you get eye flashes in your eyes, it is better for you to see a doctor. Generally speaking, eyes flashes usually caused by eye floaters. Besides, Many other reasons can be related with eye flashes, anxiety, headache and sometimes sinus related. The eye flashes can lead to blurred visions, or worsen your eyesight. So proper treatment is very important. Here are some suggestions for your consideration. You had better keep a good mood. Then it is helpful for you to take a balanced diet.