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Can a high fever cause blurred vision ?

I got cold that cause high fever. Now, i also feel blurred vision. Why? Can a high fever lead to blurred vision?
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  • Andrew hill


    Well, yes, high fever can just cause blurred vision. And generally speaking, when you have got cold, it will be possible to have high fever. And for some people, high fever will just affect the eyes, leading to some symptoms in the eyes, for high fever can lead to high blood pressure and high eye pressure. For example, blurred vision can be possible. Also, bloodshot eyes can be caused by fever. For your situation, you can drink hot beverages. And also, you should eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables which can provide lots of antioxidants, so that it will help boost your immune system, especially vitamins A and C. when your high fever has gone away, blurred vision will go away too.
  • Brandon


    Well, so sorry to hear that bad news. As a matter of fact, running a fever, which might give a lot of trouble to us, should be taken care of as early as possible. Thus, you gotta get some medical treatment in time. It is true that such disease would affect your visual nerve, which generates some temporary problems with our eyes, including blurry vision, but that would go away once you are recovered. Just try to get some hot water and medication, and good rest is essential.
  • hands4god


    Yes, you may feel blurred vision because of high fever. Once you get the high fever, your immune system in the whole body will decline. You will get infection at the eyes easily. You'd better use some eye drops to moisture the eyes. The eye drops should be better with anti-inflammation role. You could also do the warm compress to release the symptom of blurred vision.
  • cazzeh


    It is know that vision is a feature of a person's brain that allows him to see. He must have normal eyes, optic nerves and visual cortex in order to see properly. Moreover, dry eye can occur with any fever or severe illness. So the dry eye will cause blurring vision, in this condition, please try systane eye drops over the counter. It will make you more comfortable. If the blurring persists, call your eye doctor.

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