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What are the benefits of fish oil for eye health?

What are the benefits of fish oil for eye health?
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  • walkingalone089


    Fish oil which contains Omega-3 are good for eye health. They can reduce triglyceride by reducing VLDL from the blood, thus they help maintain the eye health. Besides, Omega-3 in fish oil can help prevent retinopathy which will cause blindness. Omega-3 in fish oil can also decrease the inflammation in the eyes and keep blood vessels healthy. Therefore fish oil can do good for our eye health and we should intake fish oil regularly.
  • walker67


    Fish oil can benefit our eye health because of Omega-3 which is highly concentrated in the retina. researches have found that the Omega-3 in fish oil can decrease inflammatory messaging in the eye. Besides, the Omega-3 can also promote the growth of health blood vessels and limits the growth of abnormal blood vessels. All that together will contribute the health of your eyes.
  • Ryan warren


    Many people who consume fish oil daily take its benefit in curing various diseases such as depression, Low immunity, eye disorders, ulcers, heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes. Fish oil contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C mostly. Vitamin A is working on eyesight improving, if we have no enough Vitamin A and nutritious to keep our eyes healthy, it may decrease the sense of dark light.But eating fish oil cannot cure the eye diseases Congenital color blindness and color amblyopia.

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