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How to stop burning eyes after swimming in a saltwater pool?

I get burning eyes right now after swimming in a saltwater pool. Is there any way to help me stop get rid of the burning eyes from swimming?
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  • Judy


    If you get burning eyes after swimming in a saltwater pool, you shall wash out your eyes with lots of water. And apply ice bag to help you reduce burning eyes. If it doesn't work and you still feel eye burning after ice bag, you'd better ask help from eye doctor who may prescribe some eye drops or drugs to help you.
  • entivore


    Use the Green tea water to wash your eyes for 3-5 times a day which has the effect of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Remember do not eat the spicy food or have drinking. You can also drop the boiled and cooled milk or fresh milk into your eyes that can relieve the pain. Besides, you can use a wet towel cover your eyes once every 20 minutes. Moreover, you should close your eyes to have a rest in order to reduce light stimulation and eye movement's friction. Wearing a pair fo sunglasses can play a shading effect that make your eyes feel comfortable.

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