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Samuel rodney


When should you wear safety goggles?

i work in a laboratory and I just wonder when I should wear safety goggles?
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  • cat_w101


    Safety goggles are used when you are in an environment in which your eyes might be damaged by some dangerous things. People who work in a workshop or lab need to wear safety goggles to protect their eyes from harmful chemicals and sharp machinery. Safety goggles so stronger that can prevent chemical splashes and high dust getting into the eyes to cause damage. As you work in a lab, I think you should wear safety goggles once you get into the lab.
  • Mii


    Lolo...Of course, you wear it when you feel in danger condition. If you work in chemistry laboratory or doing some dangerous work such as using heavy or sharp machinery, you can wear prescription safety goggles all the time during your work for the sake of your eyes. Though wearing safety glasses may not look good, it is a good way to protect you.