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Questions about prescription for distance, computer and reading? Help!

My wife got a prescription for progressives from her doctor yesterday. But now she would like to get 3 pairs of single vision glasses for distance, computer and reading separately. Is it possible for her to ask the doctor to provide her with the three separate single vision prescriptions without a new eye exam?
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Answers (3)

  • Vanessa Edward


    Actually the procedures of eye exams for progressive glasses or single vision ones are the same.All of them are made based on the same prescription.So your wife doesn't need a new eye exam for single vision prescriptions.
  • Kelly George


    The progressive lenses including the distant,middle and near prescriptions.So the doctor can tell the three separate single vision prescriptions without a new eye exam by testing your lenses.
  • Ana Evelyn


    It is not necessary for your wife to have a new eye exam and a new prescription seperate for single vision, because the numbers needed for single vision lenses are included in the prescription for progressives. You just need to show the doctor the RX paper of your wife and tell exactly what you want to seperately, for distance, computer and reading. In fact, a pair of progressives can do all the functions, including glasses for distance, computer and reading, and it is much more convenient to wear.