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Luke oliver


Does anyone know home remedies for sunburned eyes?

I got a sunburned eyes. How can i treat it? Do you know any good home remedy?
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  • Riley eddy


    It is really bad for you to get sunburned eyes. You need to do some home remedies to treat the eyes. You could use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable. You could use the eyes drops to moisture the eyes. You should have the good rest for the eyes which will make them feel comfortable.
  • charlene1o2


    Oh, I am so sorry to hear what you said, it must be really hard to deal with the problem. So, briefly speaking, sunburned eyes would be really torturous and lead to some bad consequences such as watery eyes, painful eyes, blurred and decreased vision, etc. I would like to recommend some eye drops from the hospital and treatment is really needed for you. Also, get more vitamins and vegetables when on a regular basis.