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Are extremely nearsighted people prone to eye floaters?

I heard that people with nearsightedness are easy to get eye floaters. I wonder if extremely nearsighted people are prone to eye floaters?
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    Yeah, it is easy for the person with high prescription get the eye floaters. Because the nearsighted people are so weak in the eyes, they are prone to have the infection for the dust, irritating gas and so on. In addition, their eyes are so fragile that may get hurt because of the long time work before the computers. Thus, the floaters may come into the eyes easily when the eyes feel dry.
  • Eric


    Yes, it's more likely that you get eye floaters when you are a near-sighted person. Floaters are an annoyance for many, but a very serious complication for other people. Usually people who are nearsighted have a few more floaters because the way the eye is shaped. We can say that a nearsighted eye is longer, and it is more susceptible to floaters as the track the retina stretches, while a farsighted eye is short and squat. So protecting your eyes and make sure your vision not go worse is the way to heal the floaters. And you also can have a surgery.