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Morgan Schmitz


Is it normal to have red eyes after a concussion?

I got a concussion riding in a taxi cab five days ago. I have been resting and doing everything the doctor told me. My headache has gone but I still have difficulty sleeping. I also still find myself confused and dizzy. I have trouble concentrating and reading. My vision is blurry. My pupils are very dilated. I noticed yesterday (day 4 of my concussion) a red spot forming on the side of my right pupil. The spot has grown throughout the day working its way toward my outer eye. Is this normal or something else?
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  • christensengirl


    Getting a concussion in a taxi cab can cause sleepiness, and severe headache. Some people even suffer confusion, seizures, repeated vomiting, and inability to feel or move. Though your headache has gone, you still need prompt medical attention. And your red eyes may be caused by a broken blood vessel in your eye causing it to turn red. If you feel pain, maybe you can take cold compress to treat temporarily. Anyway, I suggest you visit your doctor again to have a comprehensive check so as to know what cause red eyes and sleepiness. And then get some prescribed medicine. Hope you can recover soon.
  • Zoe Wang


    If you have vision problems, you need pay more attention to it. It is easy to result in retinal detachment if your prescription is strong. So please go to see an eye doctor to confirm.
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