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Matthew baker


where to buy non prescription glasses?

I don't need wear glasses for vision correction,but I still want to wear glasses.Where can I buy non prescription glasses?
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  • Guest


    Actually, any frames are available for non prescription glasses, in other words, you can choose any frames that you like and from anywhere sell eyeglasses frames. For me, refering to non prescription eyeglasses, the styles are the most important factor when selecting them, so just search "stylish non prescription", you may find more choices.
  • catherinecraven


    You can get your glasses with clear lenses from a real optical store, such as drug store, over-the-counter and boutique where you can find some popular styles.
  • williams


    Since you need non-prescription glasses, you can order them online.But before you sart to get them, you should go to your optician to have an eye exam. Then you will get your frame size and PD which are very important to get glasses online. Finally find a reliable optical online store to choose the frame you like best and then you can order them with your size.
  • Anna


    Go to Firmoo, they offer 300 stylish selected frames, all of them are in high quality but at quite affordable price. They also offer free glasses to first-time customer, I just get mine free last week, almost the same quality with my last pair from eye doctor cost me $300. I love Firmoo. Check out at