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what is pd on prescrption for eye glasses?

I want to buy some cheap eyeglass frames ,but I don't know what the pd mean when I was filling the form provided by the website.
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  • Mya harris


    PD stands for Pupillary Distance, which is the distance between your pupils in millimeters, Your PD is very important for accurately fitting your lenses to achieve vision acuity. 1. PD (OU), written as ""62"", means the Binocular PD which is for both eyes. 2. PD (OD), means the Monocular PD for the right eye, PD (OS), means the Monocular PD for the left eye, A Monocular OD is written as two numbers, for example ""32/30"", ""32"" represents the PD for the right eye, and ""30"" for the left eye. 3. Sometimes PD is written as ""62/59"" or they are labeled ""Far"" and ""Near"". Your PD is usually measured for distance vision, which is 'Far PD"", or ""62"" in this example. For reading glasses, doctors measure your ""Near PD"" or ""59"" in the example. 4. Always enter your ""Far PD"" for distance vision eyeglasses and enter your 'Near PD"" for your reading glasses only. For most people, the difference between Far PD and Near PD is about 2-3mm. Source:
  • Matthew harris


    PD means the pupillary distance, that is, the distance between the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other pupil. PD are needed when they are preparing to make prescription eyeglasses.
  • Solomon Km.


    How read avervistion of SPH,AXIS,PIANO,Photo Chromic,etc Eye glass

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