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Can I wear contacts while see a 3D movie?

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  • Zoikle


    The answer is “yes”, of course. You can wear any kind of contact lenses, they can be big eyes or corrective lenses. Contact lenses are actually an advantage if you want to watch a 3D movie, because if your eyes need correction and you wear glasses to correct you vision you will encounter issue when wearing 3D glasses on top of it.
  • Ripke


    Yes. 3D glasses can be easily worn with contacts. The 3D glasses don’t impact vision, but rather help each eye to see the special, different images. Only wear contacts if you have a prescription for contact lenses; never borrow other’s contacts since this can lead to infection and other eye problems.
  • Poloe


    Yes, and trust me it is much more comfortable than wearing 3d glasses over your regular glasses.  If you are talking about colored contacts, they won't interfere with the 3D at all. You can wear them to a 3D movie and be just fine!