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How do you know if your eyes are sensitive to light?

What are the symptoms of eye sensitivity? How can i judge if i sensitive to light?
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  • Connor scott


    Sensitive to light, or photophobia, is because of intolerance of light (including sunlight, fluorescent light and incandescent light). All those light can cause eye discomfortable if you get eye sensitivity, you will squint your eyes when you experience those light. If you are sensitive to light, you will be bothered by bright light and more prefer stay in dark place.
  • Alexandria giles


    The light sensitive is a kind of eyes disease, the eyes can not stand by the stimulation of rays, accompany with spasm of eyelid and tears. The conjunctivitis' symptom has some extents of photophoby and tears. When you meet with the bright occasion, the eyes turn to sore, tears and refuse to open. It is different from the normal people's eyes, the normal one will feel uncomfortable when they meet with strong bright sunshine, but it will adapt it for some while. But the sensitive one will find them hard to adapt. If you worry about your eyes, you can go to doctor for the detailed check.
  • eddy


    You can judge if you have sensitive eyes by the symptoms of eye sensitivity. Your eyes will be sensitive mostly due to allergies and conjunctivitis and trauma. Eye sensitivity caused by allergies can have symptoms like watery eyes, itchy eyes, burning eyes, dry eyes and eyes' sensitivity to the light. Eye sensitivity caused by conjunctivitis will result in symptoms such as sore eyes, painful blinking, sensitivity to the light and puffy eyes. Minor or major trauma to the eye can cause eye sensitivity, causing eye pain and infected eyes. You will also suffer from eye sensitivity due to aging and the symptoms include sensitivity to bright light. So obviously you can tell if you have eye sensitivity by comparing to the above-mentioned symptoms and for sure you can tell your eye sensitivity by the sensitivity to the light.