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Human smugglers vow not on the way to 'serial killer' flee Turkey

A human smuggler who contacted a _a href= russian woman_/a_ live TV program on June 3 vowed they wouldn't help a thought serial killer escape Turkey. The police have been receiving high alert for Atalay Filiz, Who is being sought around the globe for the murder of three people and is on the run.

"a professional from eme _A_district in the western domain of zmir] Is phone dials us. getting. He is a person who illegally smuggles Syrians. 'Don't be troubled, We can't ever transport him _Filiz_. We even published his photos among each other to avoid smuggling him,' he says, The host together with show, Mge Anl, suggested, As another guest on the program praised the smugglers by saying "bravo,

When asked about their smuggling business by Anl, our smuggler, Whose credit was kept secret, Said the pair were "providing them, Which was and then laughter.

"At least give them life vests, Said Anl happily.

"You are excellent, say thank you so much. Your job and this have different subjects, She contributed, As the target audience applauded.

She then asked the money necessary for getting on a boat, To which the smuggler gave could account.

"The pathways are closed now. There is only passage to Italy from eme and the price is top for that. it truly is 6,000 euros. or even she _Filiz_ Can't have that cost on him. Even if he does, He can't ask anybody, The smuggler described, Adding that illegal juncture to Greece costs between $600 and $700.

The suspected murderer has been on the run in excess of three years after he allegedly killed his childhood friend Gktu Demiraraslan, typically son of Maj. generation. Hasan Hseyin Demiraraslan, And his Russian previous girlfriend, Elena Radchikova, On september. 16, 2013.

insurance coverage motive behind the double murder remains unknown, Recent reports claimed Filiz murdered the couple because they grew suspicious that Filiz was active in the sudden disappearance of his girlfriend, Olga Seregina, who was simply friends with Radchikova.

according to the latest allegations, Seregina was Filiz's first murder and he committed the following crimes in order to cover up his first killing, Which he reportedly committed after the woman attemptedto break up with him.
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