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What does sunken eyes look like?

I always see "sunken eyes" online. What is it? Can you tell me what sunken eyes look like?
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  • cmg6891


    Well, it seems that you are quite interested in what do sunken eyes look like right? So, as far as I am concerned ,a friend of mine at high school has got a pair of sunken eyes, which looks quite awful, as if the eyes are deeper set and show some outlines of the bones around the eyes. Really bad though, however, generally speaking, if properly taken care of, there are no impact on the vision.
  • cap081291


    "Sunken eyes" is a term describing the eyes that is skinny and unhealthy. As we all know that e if someone's eyes have massive bags under them, his eyes are likely sunken eyes. Apart from this symbol, sunken eyes are always associated with the shape of the people, namely, if the people is very skinny and there is no fat on their face, which will make their eyes look "sunken". However, there is a point for you to notice, if you see someone's eyes are so-called sunken, but there is much or some fat on their face, then you cannot call the eyes sunken eyes instead of the deep eyes. Because the deep eyes and sunken eyes are very similar and some people always mix the up, if you are not sure which one the eyes are, you had better call them sunken eyes, which will be impolite. Hope this can help you know the sunken eyes better.
  • Emma


    The sunken eyes will be looked with eyeballs deep in the whole eye structure. It will be looked strange. The sunken eyes will give people the impression with not good nutrition. They could use some eyes cream to adopt on the eyes parts to moisture the eyes skin. They could also do the make-up to decorate the eyes.

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