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Can drinking red bull make you blind?

Is it bad to drink red bull? Will it make people go blind? Why or why not?
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  • Jordan owen


    Anyway, as you can see, by drinking those energy drinks we could be enabled to be more energetic, and perform much better. However, you should also know that there is a lot of hormones which could disturb your hormone balance, leading to some serious problems in the long run, but generally speaking, proper amount of red bulls could do make you blind, take it easy.
  • John eddy


    As we know, drinking red bull will make you full of energy to do things. However, the stimulating irritated will not always be good for your health. You should not drink it more. However, the possibility of drinking red bull to cause the blindness is small. You could take it relax. If you want to be healthy, you just drink the red bull less.


    Well, actually, by drinking red dull, it can lead to a lot of problems, not just to eyes. First, you should know that if you drink too much of these drinks, it can loosen your eye sockets. And then, your eyelashes can fall out. According to some researches, it has a chemical which will attack the tissue of the eye sockets which are very thin. In that way, it can just lead to eyelash falling out. On the other hand, it can also lead to some other problems, such as lack of sleep, weight loss, stomach problems. Anyway, do not drink too much.

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