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Jack percy


Are there home remedies for pinguecula?

Do you have any good idea to treat pinguecula? Is there any home remedy can help me?
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  • Jean Caster


    Pinguecula is linked to sun exposure. It does not cause any immediate danger to your vision. For you, I think a surgery is needed. It's hard for eyes to recover itself when you for pingurcula. Even though there is no remedy can help you cure pinguecula directly. But you can try some vegetable like carrot and green tea and take vitamin to assist the recover, but do not rely on that. No matter what will you do to remove pinguecula,the first thing you need to do is wear sunglasses when you are exposed in the sunshine.
  • casebell


    When being pregnant, women's physical condition will change a lot and sensitive eyes are included. Hereinafter I will inform you of the latent causes of sensitive eyes brought by pregnancy. 1.Sensitive cornea resulted from the increasing of corneal thickness during pregnancy can cause dry eyes. 2.The change of the retina during pregnancy will lead to blurred vision. 3.Pregnancy will cause glaucoma which will lead to high pressure in the eye. 4.Pregnant women will also suffer tunnel vision due to pituitary adenoma. All the abovementioned kinds of sensitive eyes would for the most part disappear since the delivery, however.
  • Jenya


    A pinguecula is a small, yellowish nodule on the conjunctiva near the cornea. A pinguecula is a common type of conjunctival degeneration in the eye. The symptoms of Pingueculae include irritation, inflammation and a feeling that there is a foreign object in your eye. In order to stop the growth of pingueculae, you can use moisture and lubrication for the eye, as well as prescription eye medications. Artificial tears are occasionally used if there is discomfort or to reduce minor injection of blood vessels.

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