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Katherine Winter


Help! I have salicylic acid in my eyes.

The other day when I was going downtown with my boyfriend late at night to go dance at a club--last Saturday--I was putting on makeup a certain way to make sure I had no creasing in the eyeshadow as I was going to be sweating and everywhere.

Well after I put my primer on my eyelids, I put on what I thought was my powder that was NOT the one containing salicylic acid and put it on my eyelid. I was fine the whole time until later my eyes were kind of burning before I went to bed after I washed it off.

For the past week I've been having slightly burning eyes like you would get with allergies. Is there a way to relieve the burning? I have tried using Equate Allergy Eyedrops and it kind of works but is there anything else I can do?

The product I accidentally used to cause this reaction was Almay BlemisHeal powder. It has 0.06% salicylic acid in it.
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  • Mark Roberts


    Salicylic acid is aspirin. You could bring about more mischief washing your eye out in the event that you utilize spigot water than the pimple cream did. Ideally, you utilized something like saline that individuals use for contact focal points that you can purchase at the medication store write my dissertation for me. In the event that you are stressed in light of the fact that you are in agony, go to the emergency room and ask to see the eye specialist on duty.