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Can vomiting cause broken blood vessels in the eye?

I have got vomiting, and later, i got bloodshot eyes. It is possible to get broke blood vessels in the eyes because of vomiting?
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  • cristti


    Yes, it is possible for you to get the broken blood vessels in the eyes because of the vomiting. When you get vomiting, you will find that the whole body will be cleaned. At the same time, the sudden high eye pressure will cause the dryness of the eyes. If it is kept continuously, the bloodshot may be appeared in the eyes. You'd better have a good rest and drink some water after vomiting. Then your symptom will get released.
  • cristti


    Yes, of course. I have many experience of vomitting. Nearly each time, after vomitting, I looked into the mirror and found my eyes are full of bloodshots. Blood vessels bursting is usually caused by an action with force, such as sneezing or coughing, that's why vomitting can cause red eyes. When we are vomitting, we usually coughing with force, which caused broken blood vessels through increased pressure following exertion. Yet it will clear out very soon. So don't worry about it. If your bloodshot eyes are caused by vomitting, your eyes will clear out in a few minutes.
  • Andrew Rabinowitz


    Yes, it is possible to get bloodshot eyes because of vomiting. Bloodshot eyes after vomiting is eyeball hyperemia caused by the suffocation of back-flow of vein of upper cavity due to throwing up. In other words, when you throw up, plenty of blood flow to the lowest position of the face, the ocular region, as the blood capillary in the eyes is abundant, so with a large number of blood flowing into it, the blood capillary hyperemia occurs. Generally, such case disappears naturally 12 hours later. But I consider that you may vomit due to the stomach and intestine cold caused by catching a cold, taking cold diets or eating much too greasy food, so I advise you to apply hot compress onto your belly and pay attention to defend against cold, avoid eating cold and unsanitary food and pungent food. Wish you feel better soon.

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