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Can crying cause broken blood vessels eyes?

I felt so sad and had a bad crying. Now, i get bloodshot eyes. Is it possible to get blood vessels eyes?
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  • James taylor


    Yes, it is possible to get blood vessels eyes after a bad crying because when one cries violently, the blood capillary of ocular region would hyperemia with the fluctuation of mood and the eye pressure would increase, therefore the eyes are bloodshot. Cry occasionally has an effect of washing and cleaning eyes, but cry frequently can do harm to eyes. With bloodshot eyes, you can apply cold compress onto the eyes and take care not to rub your eyes with your hands. Also, I hope that you feel better now, after all, no matter what terrible things we are confronted with today, tomorrow is another day, isn't it? Keep your smile and move forward with an optimistic attitude.
  • cookie127


    The blood vessels in the eyes are so weak which need the nutrition from the whole body. If you cry a lot which makes the eyes get dry, it has great possibility for you to get the bloodshot in the eyes. Then you'd better use the warm cloth to cover on the eyes to release the symptom. Then you could use some eye drops to moisture the eyes.
  • Ethan walker


    It is possible to get blood vessels in eyes broken. I usually have this kind of eyes after crying. Yet it is just temporary. Eyes will clear out in just a few minutes. Because some action with force will cause blood vessels in eyes broke, for example, crying, vomiting or sneezing. It will not cause serious situation. Don't worry about it. Your eyes will clear out in just a few minutes.

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