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Does everyone who often use computer need computer glasses?

Even though some people often work on a computer, they don't have symptoms of CVS. Do they still need computer glasses?
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  • Marc


    Most computer uses would suffer different level of eye discomfort from computer work. If you don't have any symptom of CVS, you don't need computer glasses but a pair of protective eyewear is good for your eyes to prevent potential damages.
  • Kristy


    Not really. But if you spend a good amount of time each day in front of a computer, it is better to get a pair of computer glasses to reduce the chance of getting eye strain or dry eyes in the future.
  • christian


    Yes. Even though you don't have any symptoms of CVS, you will still benefit from computer glasses. Wearing computer glasses while using computer will make you feel more comfortable so that you can work on computer more effectively. If you spend a lot of time each day on a computer, you'd better get a pair of computer glasses.

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