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Can coconut oil help dry eyes?

I heard that coconut oil can help dry eyes? Is that true? How can i get rid of it?
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  • edjuice


    Hello , it is true that coconut oil can help dry eyes. Coconut is naturally trans-fatty acid free and high in medium chain and a lot of people use coconut oil to soothe dry eyes. Because the medicine in coconnut can quickly stimulates the eye's natural ability which can fight dryness, what's more it can clear redness of eyes. Have a try!
  • Ieff


    Coconut oil can be helpful, but I think you'd better not use that as eye drop. When you get dry eyes, you'd better use some artificial tears immediately. But that's just a remedy. Try to drink 8 glasses of water everyday. And take a break after reading more than hour. Eat more fruits and leafy vegetables.
  • crazyforluke


    Yes, the coconut oil can help you with the dry eyes. The dry eyes are usually caused by the lots of use in front of the computers. If you have the eyes infection, your eyes may also feel dry. The dryness of the eyes will make you feel not comfortable. You should take care of this and treat it as soon as possible. Or else, it will cause other eyes problems. Although the coconut oil heat is not low, it still has a lot of saturated fat. Because of the vast majority of saturated fatty acids, it is generally called long chain fatty acid. The length of fatty acid metabolism can stimulate the body to provide energy, providing satisfied feeling and promoting the function of the thyroid gland. The body can have combustion quickly, which produces energy. With the digestion system at the whole body, your dry eyes could be reduced to some degree. You could also use the eyes drops to release the dry eyes.