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Collin Wallace


Is it bad to look at a scanner light?

I heard that scanner light is bad to eyes, really? How can scanner light affect the eyes?
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  • vbm


    i have seen scanner green light 3 to 4 times, now what is precaution and problem
  • Joseph campbell


    Yes, the scanner light is bad to eyes because of the X ray which will weak your eyes vision. You should cover the machine when you use it and avoid the scanner light come into your eyes directly. At the same time, the radiation will affect your eyes too. You should take notice of this too. You need to protect the eyes carefully.
  • Dip


    Yes, scanner light is bad to eyes. Scanner light, mostly being UV and IR light have very dangerous effects on human. They can damage human's eyes in several ways. For example, excessive exposure to the lowest wavelengths of UV light can cause damage to the cornea as well as the lens. So do not keep your eyes on the scanner light for a long time.
  • Gabriel


    Staring at scanner light directly can damage our eyes because of the radiation let out by the light. It can cause eye strain which is the slightest problem of the side effect. It can cause our eyesight dropping as well. More serious effect may appear in a row if some always staring at the scanner light. So, try to avoid the direct stare. If you need to work at this kind of environment, you need to wear sunglasses or goggles to protect yourself.

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