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Does olive oil help puffy eyes?

Can i use olive oil to treat puffy eyes? Does it work?
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  • walkmen123


    Well, yes, olive oil can be good for your puffy eyes, as we know that olive oil has some healing properties that will help not only to reduce swelling, but also help to heal your eyes. Because of the puffiness, you need to make sure you wash your eyes with cool water before you try any remedy on them in the first time. And in common, it will help to reduce the swelling. Also, you can just pour a few drops of rose water into your eyes and let them rest with this, for rose water will help to rest your tired eyes and will also cool them, which is required for puffy eyes. Anyway, just have a try, and it can be effective.
  • Jonah


    Olive oil is the real magic oil can be used internal and external. It's full of nutrition and it can promote blood circulation, improve digestive system, protect skin, and improve the endocrine system, prevent cancer, etc. Puffy eyes occur when people's blood circulations are bad, so that you can see that olive oil can help you in this case. However, there is one thing you need to know, olive oil is hard for the skin around eyes to absorb. If you use it directly to the skin around the eyes, you need to control the amount and the frequency.
  • camzron


    Yes, the olive oil will help your puffy eyes because of the moisture function. Once you use the olive oil, your skin will absorb it and become smooth. The puffy eyes will be reduced because of the releasing role. You could also eat more vegetables to make the eyes keep moisture. In addition, you could have the good rest for the eyes.

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