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How to Soak my prescription Contact Lenses?

I want to make sure my contacts are cleaned well. I will soak them every time I wear them. I want to know the proper way to soak them in order to keep them clean.
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  • Shelby rodney


    To keep and clean your contact lenses properly, you have to wash your hands with soap free of oil, lotion or fragrance etc so that your hands and fingers are clean. Then, drop daily lens cleaner solution on your contact lenses and use your finger to rub it till it clean. At last, rinse the contacts in saline solution. Leave the lenses whole completely soaked by the solution. Then, put it in dry and cool places.
  • Edward White


    Soaking the contact lenses properly is very important to make the contacts we wear clean and neat. Therefore, we should attach great importance to it. There are several things we should pay attention to. Firstly , you need to make sue that your hands are clean. Remember to wash your hands carefully before soaking the contacts, for the bacteria and dirts on your hands may be left on the contacts. Secondly, you should buy some certain cleaners for the soaking your contacts. The cleaners must be bought in a formal glasses store or pharmacy and are specially made for contacts using. At last, you should soak your contacts very regularly. I suggest you to soak them every time after wearing. What' more, remember to change and replace the cleaner each time after you have used it.