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Hunter jackson


Can a toothache cause your eye to hurt?

Is it possible to lead eye hurt because of toothache? Why? Can you explain it to me?
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  • Jeff N


    Yes, it is quite possible to get eye hurt from toothache. It seems strange, but possible. Toothache often refers to pain around tooth or jaw. Tooth is composed of enamel and dentine. Usually food debris in mouth will turn to acid by chemical reaction of enzyme in saliva which will decay tooth. Small cavities usually won't draw attention of the patients. But once the cavity is getting bigger and deeper, the mild pain will develop to excruciating. Some patients suffering from serious pain in tooth also have headache, ear or eye pain. We know that eyes, mouth, ears and nose are organs on human face which are connected together closely. Toothache might refer to nerve pain because once the cavity is too deep, the blood vessels and nerve ends exposed. The nerve ends exposure could cause severe pain. The nerve pain might be transmit to other tissues near to the tooth. I myself, also have serious tooth problem. There was once that this excruciating pain make me sleepless the whole night. Besides of severe tooth pain, I also got headache and eye pain. It is really a terrible experience which indeed scared me about my tooth problem. Actually tooth disease could be prevented if you could visit your dentist on a regular basis. Flossing, fluoride toothpast, and profession tooth cleaning twice per year could effectively prevent tooth problems.
  • Luis lewis


    Yes, it is possible for you to have the toothache because of eye hurt because the eye nerves and teeth nerves are interlinked. You should better protect the eyes carefully. If you have any problems in the teeth, you'd better use the medical care to treat it. You should also use some eye drops to avoid the infection of the eyes.
  • Jordan Brown


    Well, sounds like you have encountered some problems with both your eyes and teeth. As far as I know, some cases indicate that what you said is very possible, because many parts of our body are interconnected especially our the five sense organs. So all you have to do is to take some actions against your problem, medicines, or just visit a doctor in time.

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