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Why do sunglasses stores are not separated into male and female?

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  • Sara scott


    Well, you know that men go shopping far less than women. If the sunglasses stores are separated into male and female, the stores that sold sunglasses for men will at a great loss. But if they put those sunglasses together, they can attract more potential customers.
  • Caroline hill


    No one will do that. Dude, it is a bad suggestion. We know that women love shopping. And women often buy many things that they don't need. Maybe you will understand if I give you a lively example. If we put a pair of sunglasses for men near women clothes, many women will have a look though they don't plan to buy them at that moment, but if the price is reasonable and the quality is also very good. They may begin to consider buying a pair of this kind of sunglasses for their husband or father. But if we put sunglasses for men in eyeglasses stores and this store only sells sunglasses for men, a woman or man will enter that store only when they need to buy a pair of sunglasses or have the plan to buy a pair of sunglasses. In this way, we can't persuade those who don't want to buy this product at the beginning. I think the wisdom of marketing is to persuade people to buy what they don't need at this moment.
  • Paige williams


    If you want to separate stores into male and female. How about other kind of glasses? Will you like to separate them into different categories? But I think it is not wise to do that because they are equipment that can help improve our vision no matter they are contacts, glasses or sunglasses, they should stay in eyeglasses stores. Have you seen that many famous brands begin to make all kinds of stuffs that we need in our daily lives. The companies want to make a big profit, so do eyeglasses stores. But only one kind of product can't gain enough market shares unless this kind of product is luxuries. So the sunglasses stores put sunglasses for men and sunglasses for women together.