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How to tell if a pair of sunglasses is really good?

I was wondering how do I find out whether a pair of sunglasses is really good, and whether it protects those UVA, UVB, etc ...?Everyone talks to buy optical known, but the question is this, is even buying from a viewpoint known as to whether he is really good and will protect my eyes??As I test it??in the laboratory??which lab?
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  • Karin


    Well, from what you said, I can see that you are concened about what kind of sunglasses is good for your eyes right? So,anyway, sometimes it's no use asking so many questions, and it makes more sense to take an eye exam to see what type of sunglasses are suitable for you. Afterwards, when you decide to get a pair of sunglasses, you could consult the salespeople about its functions and what kind of people could wear them. Generally speaking, it depends on your needs.
  • Jessica


    Mmm, it is a good question. I asked the same question one week ago. And now I have found the answers. I can share them with you. The first way, you can have a look at the labels or descriptions of the sunglasses. Usually there are "UV400" or "UV blocking" on them. UV400 means that this kind of sunglasses can block the rays which have the wavelength of 400 nanometers. The second way, some eyeglasses stores have a kind of equipment that can prove you that their sunglasses are with UV protection. Hope this helped!
  • Jacob adams


    In order to avoid damages to our eyes, the sunglasses that you choose should eliminate UV rays completely. And they should block light that enters your eyes by as much as 97%. polarized sunglasses can completely eliminate glare so they can protect your eyes. Besides, you also should choose the right color for your sunglasses because they can work better for you in specific situations.
  • walkinalone


    You should choose those sunglasses that can block at least 99% of UVB rays or at least 95% of UVA rays. If there is "cosmetic" on their labels, you'd better not choose them though they are very cheap because they can't protect your eyes from the sun. And if they don't provide any information on UV protection, you can't choose them too. Hope this helped!
  • adams


    I often judge a pair of sunglasses from their frame. No matter they are plastic frames or metal frames. If you can find some slight flaws on them, they are definitely of poor quality. Besides, the quality of the Lenses is also very important. I suggest you to choose the lenses that are made from NXT polyurethane. Though they are expensive, they are flexible, impact-resistant, lightweight, and also have great optical clarity.
  • coloradolicious


    It is not very easy to choose a pair of good sunglasses. There are many fake sunglasses or cheap sunglasses in many eyeglasses stores. And sometimes even the salesman doesn't know the quality of these sunglasses because they are just making a living other than to be a professional in this field. So you should know the advantages and disadvantages of different sunglasses. Usually glass sunglasses are heavier, scratch-resistant and can provide better optical clarity but they are more expensive and they will "spider" if you broke them by accident. The polycarbonate sunglasses are as scratch-resistant, but they provide less optical clarity than glass sunglasses, while they are more affordable. Acrylic sunglasses are affordable too, but they are the least durable and optically clear one.

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