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Aaron may


Why does aj mclean often wear sunglasses?

I noticed that aj mclean always wears black sunglasses. Can you tell me why?
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  • Michael?


    Aj mclean is a musician in America. And he likes to wear different kinds of sunglasses from time to time, including aviator sunglasses, or oversized black sunglasses, which are awesome. So, as you can see, the reason why he likes them so much is that those sunglasses would make him stand out from the crowd and appears to be different and mysterious, or just to hide some facial defects, etc.
  • Luis williams


    The mclean always the black sunglasses just for the looks. As we know, the sunglasses are used for two main roles. The first one is to help our eyes from the uv rays and other bad sun lights. The second role is to make our look seem more beautiful or cool. Actually a lot of young people tend to wear the sunglasses just for the cool looks.