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Can drugstore sunglasses be harmful to my eyes?

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  • Michael?anderson


    Yes. Some sunglasses at drugstores have a decal that claims 100% UV (ultra-violet) protection. In reality, they have 100% of the FDA minimum recommended UV protection, which amounts to only 70% UV protection. This is deceptive, but legal, unfortunately. The problem lies in the fact that UV light is known to contribute to cataract formation and macular degeneration, and therefore it is important to block 100% of these harmful rays. We should buy sunglasses is to protect our eyes 100%. Of course, fashion is important today as well, but saving a few dollars on drugstore sunglasses may cost you serious vision problems in the long run. Drugstore sunglasses typically lack in optical quality. Cheap lenses cause distortion, possibly decreasing the clarity of your vision, or at least causing eyestrain. If you have ever worn cheap sunglasses and had to remove them and rub your eyes, chances are youve experienced poor quality-induced distortion. Patients will claim they are too careless with their sunglasses to invest in a nice pair. We tell our patients that if they invest in a quality pair of sunglasses, they are much more durable, and when they appreciate the quality, they will happily take care of them. Think of your sunglasses as a vision-saving device, and not just a fashion accessory.
  • Nancy


    Yes. Sunglasses you bought in drugstore will be harmful to your eyes. Sunglasses don't have to be expensive to protect your eyes and they can often be found at the local drugstore. But a high price is not always a guarantee of high quality and protection. Part of the difficulty is that standards and labeling regarding UV protection are voluntary, not mandatory. Don't be deceived by color or cost. The ablity to block uv light is not dependent on the darkness of the lense or the Price tag. Wraparounds offer added protection. Sunglasses that wrap around the temples prevent the sun's rays from entering from the sides. Look for a uniform tint, not darker in one area than in another. To check for imperfections in the lenses.
  • Susan


    Sunglasses have to provide protection from UVA and UVB rays. Even the cheap drugstore glasses give full UV protection. They will have a sticker that either says 100% or UV 400...which is the same thing. The wave length of UVB rays are 290-320 nanometers, and UVA is at 320-400 nanometers.So UV 400 protection covers them both.The difference with expensive sunglasses and drugstore glasses is the quality and durability of the frames, and much better quality,distortion free lenses that will be a lot more comfortable to wear,but the protection is the same. Color of the lenses makes no real difference in the protection . Even clear lenses can provide full UV protection. It's very rare to find a sunglass on the market that doesn't have UV filters on them.