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Which color sunglasses suits dark complexion?

I have dark skin and my face is round. Which color sunglasses should I buy for both formal and casual use?
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  • angeline curtez


    Well, I think black would really do fine.Choose White sunglasses. More suit style:
  • claire_lew


    People with a dark skin tone should select lighter shades of sunglasses, such as brown and matte black. Do not get stunning green lens because they will make you even darker. So black rims or gold will match your skin color best.
  • Trinity hill


    If you have round face, you can choose frames with oval, rectangular, or square shape (but prevent small, round glasses). If you have a cool skin tone, you’ll want to pick frame or lens colors that are cooler, such as blue, purple, green, pink, plum, magenta, turquoise, silver and black.
  • Theresa M


    People in dark skin color should go for sunglasses in light color,such as yellow,light blue,or white.
  • EDWIN Caster


    The rule of thumb in choosing color for sunglasses is always going for the opposite from your skin color. Since you have dark skin, the provision of colors that are available to your exploitation includes all possible light ones. Light green red or blue could all be used for your next pair of sunglasses.