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Can blue frame sunglasses look cool for men?

I just love the blue frame sunglasses,but I wonder whether they look cool on men.
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  • b3phoenix


    I have seen men wearing blue frame sunglasses and it looks very cool. You can just try them on to see whether they will look cool on you.Just choose one that suit you best.
  • vincent


    Just do and choose what you think is right. I like blue color too, but I don't think it is proper for sunglasses frame, maybe a little strange, lol, I can't imagine it. But maybe it will be good and cool on you.
  • Armand


    It sounds a little weird,but maybe it will look good on you.Just have a try!
  • Caroline


    Personally, I think so. It is widely thought that in order to appear mature and cool, men should wear dark-colored clothing, as well as sunglasses. Therefore, men tend to choose sunglasses with black or gray frames. However, in my opinion, men can also wear some bright-colored sunglasses. For example, the ones with blue or white frames. Therefore, I think men can definitely wear blue frame sunglasses and it is really cool.