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Can smoking cause macular degeneration?

I heard somebody talk that smoking can cause some serious problems except liver problems. It can also cause macular degeneration. Is that true?
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  • walkingthedog


    It is true. There is no academic theory to demonstrate the relationship between smoking and macular degeneration, but there is scientific research to prove they are definitely related. There is a macular area in the middle of retina. It helps people to see clearly. But when people get old, the macular area gets old too. Then eyesight will become vague and dusky gradually. Finally, they may not be able to read, drive or recognize faces or even lose their eyesight totally. That is the macular degeneration. Since age is the main reason of macular degeneration, smoking is also an assignable cause. Professors of ophthalmology in Los Angeles College of University of California have conducted and research on 1958 senior people for five years. The result shows that the proportion of senior people to suffer macular degeneration is 11% bigger that people who do not smoking. For smoking people over 80, they are 5.5 times likely to suffer the disease. Therefore, we can absolutely determine that smoking is related to the disease. I think it because that smoking accelerates aging.
  • california_babi


    Well, yes, you should know that smoking is very bad for your health, not only for your eyes. For example, smoking can lead to macular degeneration. Generally speaking, Smoking is damaging to the blood supply. Smoking causes vasoconstriction, known as narrowing of blood vessels which affects the blood supply to the eye and increases your blood pressure which is a risk factor for macular degeneration. Besides, smoking exposes the body to free radicals which causes cellular damage and can cause poor circulation of nutrients to the retina and lens. In this way, carotenoid levels and vitamin C blood concentrations are substantially reduced. In addition, smoking can lead to some long effects, such as heart attack, stroke. Anyway, you should not smoke.

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